Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Superb Grizzlies Article on local boys Myron and Murphy

This is an excellent article written by one of the Grizzlies social media team, Mike Mellings.
Mike's article will be going into the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Magazine soon...check it out!!!!

Grizzlies led by two homegrown stars by Mike Mellings

The incredible chemistry between Wes Myron and Wade Murphy began at the age of six years old when they first became teammates in the Racquet Club hockey program. Now fast-forward twelve years and the speedy eighteen year-old Murphy and the smooth-skating nineteen year-old Myron are still teammates and linemates on the first line of the Victoria Grizzlies of the BCHL. The two local boys have really taken their game to a new level this season with both among the league leaders in points-per-game at 1.7 PPG each,
“We‘ve had a great opportunity to play together on the first line this season and get some good minutes” says Myron . Whether it be teaming up with Jarryd Ten Vaanholt on the big line or with Mike Moran on the 3M line the one constant this year has been the pairing of Murphy and Myron. Both players agree that chemistry is a big factor in their shared success this season “The best part of playing with Wes is the chemistry we have out there, we think the same and know where to find each other out there” says Murphy.
“It makes it easier when you know where the other is going to be just from playing together for so long and you don‘t need to talk as much on the ice” agrees Myron.
Teammate Nolan De Jong agrees saying, “They’re both great players, so they would be good playing with other players but when you put them together it just makes them that much better”. It’s been quite a year for both players, while Murphy’s breakout season has him hovering near the top of the leagues points leaders with 60 points in 35 games including an incredible 23 game point streak, Myron has 40 points in just 23 games played with thirteen games missed due to injury and Team Canada commitments at the World Junior “A” Challenge. “It was an honor to pull on the Canadian sweater and the cherry on top was winning the gold medal” says Myron. With his team leading 22 goals the 6’0” 178lbs Murphy is the goal-scorer out of the duo “Wade has always had a great touch around the net and good finishing skills, my job is just to try and get him the puck” says Myron. With 24 assists in 23 games the bigger 6’2” 190lbs Myron is the set-up man, “His passing has always been good and it seems to get better every year and his physical play has improved this year” adds Murphy.

One other thing the two have in common is that both young men have also accepted scholarships this season to play in the NCAA, Murphy will be headed to Maryland to play for Merrimack College beginning in 2013, while Myron will head to Boston University next season to play for the Terriers. “I had a personal goal coming into the season to get a scholarship and it was nice to get that out of the way early on in the first month of the year” says Murphy.
Even though they will be split up next year they will still keep an eye on how the other is doing “We‘ll keep in touch, it‘s nice to have friends to follow in their careers and we wish the best for each other. It will definitely be strange not having him around and making jokes with him, but it will be fun” says Myron. With Myron and Moran already committed to the Boston University Terriers any chance for a college reunion of the 3M line at Boston University?
“No that won‘t be happening, Merrimack’s shown a lot of interest and I think I’m going to like it there” says Murphy

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