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Alberni Valley Bulldogs 2 - 3 Victoria Grizzlies @ Bear Mountain Arena, Dec 15, 2012

Dec. 15, 2012
Congratulations to our Victoria Grizzlies for a huge overtime win against the second place team in the Island division!
Huge congratulations to Jaden Schmeisser who came up big at 1.49 of the first overtime period with an assist from Turner Lawson! (Schmeiss, I heard that after the game they went and retrieved the winning puck from inside the goal as a souvenir for you!)
Chase Kaiser and Myles Powell, you guys were standouts! Even though you did not score any goals this game you were play MAKERS! Way to go guys!
Our Awesome Threesome of the Fitzgerald triplets were chosen as the three stars of the game (in an away game that is unusual). The first star was Myles, the second star was Leo and the third star was Gerry! You guys are fantastic—I'm so glad you are playing for our Grizzlies! How good it must have felt to be playing in front of your home-town crowd, your friends and relatives, and putting on such an outstanding show!
Mike Stiliadis, every time I see you in goal you are getting better and better! Keep that up and you'll be striking fear into the hearts of the opposition come play off time! What a great advantage it is for our Grizzlies to have TWO number one goalies!
NO congratulations to the referee who seemed determined to give the win to his home town team. 5 out of 6 penalties to one team in the 3rd. period is very prejudicial. Many of those calls in the third period appeared to be for one purpose only—to allow the Dogs to tie the game. The 5 on three at 9.24 of the third was a perfect example of this—no one seemed to know what the bench minor was all about. And just over a minute later DJ Jones is called for “misconduct” (chirping at the ref.). One thing about it, the referee must have gotten his penalty fix for the night as he managed to call 20 penalties in this game!
The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are #2 in the Island division for a good reason! They are a very strong, well disciplined team, not afraid to mix it up and give and take hits. They have an excellent goaltender in Jay Deo. The grizzlies had to play with everything they had as this game was definitely very important to win!
These two evenly matched teams played hard hitting and exciting hockey throughout all three regulation periods. At 6.20 of the first period the Bulldog's Jared Wilson scored the opening goal! Our radio announcer Scotty Didmon called it right on the nose! He said that statistically whichever of these teams scored the first goal usually did not win the game! He also pointed out that all these game seem to go to overtime. So it sounds really contradictory to say “advantage Victoria” letting the Dogs score first! However, with that first goal out of the way our awesome threesome, the Fitzgerald triplets, (who were playing in front of their home town crowd!) went to work. Only 13 seconds after the Grizz had spotted Alberni the usual token goal, Myles scored with assist from his brothers Gerry and Leo, tying the game.
The second period was end to end, hard hitting hockey interspersed with questionable or obscure calls by the referee. It wasn't until 14.13 that the Fitzies again connected with Myles scoring again with his 2 brother's assist! (Fitz from Fitz and Fitz) At the end of the second period the score was Grizz 2, Dogs 1.
In the third period, one second after the 5 on 3 that had been handed to the dogs had expired, and before the Grizz players could get back into the play, Matthew Hansen from the Bulldogs scored, tying the game at 2. This held until the end of the third period again forcing overtime!!
The 1523 fans in attendance were on the edge of their seats as the first overtime commenced! The Dog Pound was unbearably noisy as the fans cheered their team on! But a sudden silence fell when our Jaden Schmeisser blasted an absolutely awesome shot from way out that beat the Dog's goaltender Jay Deo winning the game 3 to 2. Schmeiss, that one was HUGE! Your ARE the man!
Here are a few of stats after this game--
Shots on goal---Grizzlies 30, Alberni 28.
Power play-- Grizz 1 for 5, Dogs 1 for 9.
In the Island division the Grizzlies now lead second place Alberni by 6 points—44 to 38.
In the entire BCHL, the Grizzlies are tied with Chilliwack for second with 44 points each, only 3 points behind Penticton in first, but our Grizzlies have played 2 less games than Penticton!

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